The Road to Social Media Marketing Certification

Well going back a few years, I really didn’t know very much about Social Media Marketing. Of course, I had a LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account starting around November 2007, but there was so much to learn… Avatar, Community, Hashtag, Permalink, Retweet, RSS, SEO, URL,Wiki etc.

Like the many other challenges I have faced in life, I decided to address this lack of knowledge in Social Media Marketing head on. After all, would you hire a marketing executive now without this knowledge in today’s business environment? I didn’t think so.

Late in the summer of 2012, I decided to start my certification in Social Media Marketing at George Brown College. Having attended Ryerson University and York University for executive level programs, I was a little reluctant to study at a college level.  OK, you can call me a snob.

To my surprise I found that this academic institution is at par, perhaps even better than some universities. The facilities were bright, extremely well equipped and provided for an excellent learning environment. My instructors were successful industry professionals. So I didn’t get the textbook stuff, offered by professors with PhD’s – but I didn’t want it either, I wanted to be down on the street and learn from both the experts and the students, whom for the most part were obsessed with Social Media Marketing.

The certification consists of four compulsory courses and two electives. For my certification I decided to focus on the follow:

Social Media Marketing

Community Management

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Metrics, Analytics and Management Tools

WordPress for Blogging and Web Design

Twitter Marketing

Well after extensive research and studying over the last two years I have finally graduated my Social Media Marketing Certification with Honours and a GPA of 3.9%, next time I promise to try harder!

GBC Certification

Well even though this certification is completed there is still a lot to cover. Currently I am studying Video for the Web, to produce promotional videos for my clients.

It has been a very busy couple of years; I can’t believe how much I know now about Social Media Marketing compared to two years ago. I encourage anyone that wants to enrich their marketing capabilities to take the same road.