WIKIBRANDS Chapter 1 Executive Summary

Wikibrands, is a brilliant book by marketing experts Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover that has been introduced to us in 2011.

wikibrands(s) noun
A progressive set of organizations, products, services, ideas and causes that tap the powers of customer participation, social influence, and collaboration to drive business value.

Ask yourself, does your brand deliver genuine participation?  Did you know that for many companies their brand has become their single most important operating and financial asset?  The brand will always remain valuable to a company, but it will be very important how business goes about building itself up in a customer-controlled marketplace.  Consumers found out quickly through the internet and peer-to-peer connection with social media, that they now have a voice in the brand conversation.

Bass & Co’s Pale Ale, the very first trademark registered in the UK (1876) at the Intellectual Property Office.

However, brands have never been more important to companies than they are today, even in an atmosphere in which customers have taken control.  Brands became less about satisfying basic needs and more about addressing desires and communicating social status through ownership.  It appears that in today’s economy it is more about how you live the brand as opposed to how you manage the brand as in the past.  We must bridge the customer and the organization better.

For further information visit: http://wiki-brands.com/