WIKIBRANDS Chapter 16 Executive Summary

It is expected that by 2020 the term social media will have a very different meaning than it has today.  Marketing is transitioning from broadcasting to conversation.  Emerging technologies will enable companies to listen with greater acuity and respond more precisely and quickly to customer demand.  Marketers need to simultaneously embrace old and new media and develop a combined strategy.  Community management will be absorbed back into other positions in sales, marketing, customer service, product management and public relations.  Communication will also be less text dependent and more audible and visual.

Chuck Brymer, CEO of DDB Worldwide suggests that the future responsibilities of a Chief Marketing Officer should include the following:

Building a community around the brand using multiple channels, and ensuring the organization is living its message

Knowing the community’s wants, needs and lifestyles and using this data for marketing efforts

Monitoring, responding and interacting with the community to build relationships

Facilitating and nurturing an environment that empowers the community to rally behind and feel co-ownership for the brand

In future which social media platform will have dominance – Facebook, Twitter, Google or someone else?

Regardless which is the dominant platforms(s) business and personal communication will continue to move away from email.  A Gartner Research study predicts that by 2014 social networking services will replace email as the primary communication tool for 20 percent of business users.  Over time, a sizeable majority of users will rely less on email and more on social tools.

Chapter 16The key message is, those that immerse themselves in their customers’ worlds will find that the future is friendly!

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