WIKIBRANDS Chapter 17 Executive Summary

Social Business

Successful business strategies will rely less on managing perceptions and controlling the message, and more on inventing new ways to get people to interact genuinely with their brands.
A trans-formative change needs to happen across all key customer-facing functions to enable a more open, authentic, dialogue focused and customer value/advocacy driven organization.  To obtain value from adopting Wikibrand practices, companies must embrace both a philosophical and real transformation, including a change of attitude regarding transparency to external users, customers and Influencers.

Wikibrand engagement is harder work than traditional branding.  The goal is “being social” verses “doing social” and this book provides excellent examples and references.  Of great importance, in Chapter 17 provided are 50 questions to assess your readiness for a brand community.

I believe that for any organization that is considering a Wikibrand strategy than this book is a must!

For further information visit: http://wiki-brands.com/

The End