WIKIBRANDS Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Previously,  a senior marketing executive from Research in Motion declared that compartmentalizing social media is nonsense. Wikibranding is an attempt to get true brand engagement, customer experience and social collaboration into the very nucleus of an organization.  This significant change is difficult, and perhaps for some it might be easier to tread water for the next couple of years and monitor.  However, eighty-seven percent of managers and executives believe managing the customer/brand experience is the key battleground for business.

Sixty-nine percent of people are
interested in mechanisms that skip
or block advertising completely.

Wikibranding is about creating great experiences with-not at-your customers.  Brands are now losing on four key parameters; brand differentiation, consumer loyalty, brand trust and decline in ad watching on television.  Over the last century, brands have been challenged alternately by scarcities in scalable production, distribution channels, media and shelf space.  The new scarcities are customer time, attention and trust.  Do you really think your industry is immune to peer-to-peer interaction, customer collaboration, and deeply embedded stakeholder engagement?  Apparently, 79 percent of Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blogs and 20 percent are using them all!

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