WIKIBRANDS Chapter 3 Executive Summary

This chapter provides insight of the grassroots of WIKIBRANDS.  Sean Moffitt’s journey really started back in 1997 as brand manager on Tide detergent, which was the flagship product under the Proctor and Gamble portfolio.
At that time P&G’s employees couldn’t believe the time, effort, enthusiasm and length’s some people went to in providing new product ideas, uses, constructive criticism and industry intelligence without expectations of compensation.  P&G realized that they had put their most important asset… “customers” at the bottom of the value chain!  This was the turning point for Sean to doubt the traditional marketing methods.

It appears still to this day that businesses and marketers are still surprised by the growth and impact of the web, social media, word of mouth, online communities and peer-to-peer influence.
There is an instinctive need for prospects, customers and people to connect and socialize when given the tools to do so, which has strongly impacted brands.  They are not merely logos or a roll call of features; they are a point of view on how products and businesses project to the world.  Although the tactics may have changed, customers still place extraordinary value on them, pay more for them and want to participate in them.

Many business owners now don’t need to be convinced of the need for change; that was last decade’s challenge.  The current challenge is how to do it sensibly and move not only individuals but the large stakeholder groups to rally behind these efforts.

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