WIKIBRANDS Chapter 5 Executive Summary

Social media acts as an accelerant for good news about a brand as well as bad.  Consumers want interaction, to be inspired and get involved.  Engagement, interaction, user generated content, and citizen marketing are the new building blocks of the Wikibrand economy.  People value the time they spend engaging with family, friends and yes even brands.

A marketer’s job is now becoming less about what to communicate and more about how to engage people.  However, a conversation cannot happen unless companies and customers talk and listen to each other as equal partners.  When consumers feel they are being superficially involved in conversation, they tune out quickly or, even worse, engage in negative behavior directed at the brand.  The marketer’s new role is to get the “Net Generation” group’s involvement in motion, start the conversation, get out-of-the-way (although not completely), and let members talk and produce.  When users get involved something magical happens.

Wikibrands 2010 “The Buzz Report” suggests that of sixteen different elements, “not listening – not staying tuned in and not responding to what members/customers want quickly” was considered the biggest sin for not building an engaged, collaborative business.

Significant value is no longer generated by slavish adherence to repetitive selling lines, increased media frequency or brash creative.  This has led to a transition from communications genius to Customer Experience Management.  Successful companies will reflect their brand culture and consistency in each important interaction between company, consumer and brand.

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